Yerba Mate Tea & Talk

Date April 7, 2019, Sunday
Time 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Price: $55
Phone 734-929-6060

Learn about Yerba Mate (“Mate” is pronounced like “Latte”!), a nutrient-dense, caffeine-rich tea treasured in South America. Our tea expert Charles Russman will teach you how to brew it, using a traditional drinking gourd & bombilla (a metal, filtered drinking straw) as used in South America for hundreds of years.

The cost of this event includes a traditionally crafted, cured, and seasoned gourd & bombilla to use in class and to take home with you!

Following the educational portion of this event, there will a discussion on the following topic:
Learning: What one topic do you feel is the most important for everyone to know, and why?