Special Dinner #240: We Are La Cocina

Date July 29, 2019, Monday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $75
Phone 734.663.3663

A dinner to honor the American dream.

Do you share our passion for the diversity of the American dream? Want to encourage folks who’ve historically been pushed to the social periphery to pursue their dreams? We do! This special dinner brings all that and a bunch of delicious food together to celebrate the work of a Bay Area-organization that offers life-changing hope to food entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

La Cocina (which means “the kitchen” in Spanish) was founded in San Francisco’s Mission District to help create resources to support small informal food businesses serving the community. In particular, La Cocina helps low-income women and immigrant entrepreneurs to meet the challenging requirements of opening successful and legitimate food businesses.

The food that has come out of La Cocina is a delicious expression of the endeavors of the artisans producing it. Inspired by the mission of La Cocina, Chef Bob Bennett is excited to prepare the recipes of the women they’ve helped succeed, collected in their cookbook We Are La Cocina: In Pursuit of the American Dream. We will welcome Caleb Zigas, director of La Cocina, and Lamees Dahbour and Dayana Salazar, two women who are now successful food professionals in San Francisco who were supported by this amazing business incubator. We can’t wait to taste their food and hear their stories, right here in Ann Arbor!



Rosa Martinez's Frijol Molido con Cholitas de Masa
Oaxacan black bean soup with corn dough dumplings.


Veronica Salazar's Ensalada Doña Luz
A Mexican vegetable salad named in honor of the chef’s mother, Doña Luz.

Entrées (family style)

Shani Jones' Jerk Chicken
Jamaican spicy marinated chicken.

Lamees Dahbour's Samak Mashwe Bilforn
A Kuwaiti oven-baked fish.

Isabel Caudillo's Sopes con Hongos
Mexican corn cakes with mushrooms.

Beans and Chilies


Elvia Buendia's Tres Leche Cupcakes
Mexican three milk cupcakes.


Nafy Flatley's Teranga Bissap
A Senegalese hibiscus drink.

Menu subject to change.