Regional Food of Korea: A Tale of Two Cities

Date April 29, 2019, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $68
Phone (734) 275-0099

Explore regions in Korea through your taste buds with our new dinner series! Join us in tasting regional delicacies as we travel through modern and ancient Korean cuisines.

The Foods of Gyeonggi Province: A Tale of Two Cities

Gyeonggi Province lies in the center of Korean Peninsula and is home two ancient capitals. There is Seoul, the old capital of Joseon Kingdom and the capital of South Korea today. Then there is Kaesong, the old capital of Koryo Kingdom, formally a part of Gyeonggi Province during Joseon, but now a part of North Korea. The two cities are close in geography, yet far apart in modern history after Korean War. While Seoul continues to flourish as a highly wired and vibrantly cultural modern city, Kaesong has had its ups and downs in modern times as a part of the Kaesong Industrial Region, with the North and the South making efforts to work together peacefully.

It is the same with the food of each city, displaying similar regional characteristics like medium level of seasoning (not bland, but not as salty as Jeolla or Kyeungsang Provinces) and stunning plating. Yet each city retains its own identity through distinct dishes. The traditional food of Seoul is inspired by royal cuisine and an abundance of ingredients, as all the supply chains leads to the capital. The traditional food of Kaesong is championed by prominent families and boasts many festival dishes. With this dinner, we will explore the foods of Gyeonggi Province by digging into the stories and dishes of these two old capitals. Check out the menu below!


Soup: Milk Rice Soup 타락죽 Silky soup made of milk and rice, from Joseon Palace

Appetizer: Chilled Kaesong Square Dumplings 개성편수 Square shaped dumpling filled with beef, chicken and vegetables, served in chilled soy broth

• Salad: Cucumbers with Shiitake, Egg, and Beef 오이선 Sliced cucumbers layered with sauteed shiitake mushrooms, egg omelette and beef

Meat: Kaesong Pork Bulgogi 개성돼지불고기 Pork from Farm Field Table, marinated in gochujang and salted shrimp, then grilled

Side: Jang Kimchi 장김치 Napa kimchi made with soy sauce brine

Bibimbob: Goldongbahn 골동반 The palace version of bibimbob from Seoul, mostly eaten during the yearly clean out of the pantry. Notable for having only cooked ingredients (as opposed to fresh vegetables) and served with the rice already seasoned (rather than with a sauce on the side to mix)

Dessert: Omija Punch 오미자 화채 Sweet fruit salad punch with Five Flavor Berries and Edible Flowers

*menu is subject to change