Regional Food of Korea: The Land of Rice

Date March 25, 2019, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $68
Phone (734) 275-0099

Explore regions in Korea through your taste buds with our new dinner series! Join us in tasting regional delicacies as we travel through modern and ancient Korean cuisines.

The Land of Rice, Gangsters and Democratic Uprising

With our second dinner in our new series, we travel to southwestern Korea, Jeolla Province. Famously known for its rich cuisine and fierce spirit for popular uprising, we will explore the history of this region and its cuisine, delve into its reputation for democratic struggles, and recount anecdotes and stereotypes of its gangsters.

This 5 course dinner will also feature the most famous regional bibimbob: Jeonju bibimbob. It is one of the most celebrated because it uses an abundance of ingredients. It has a number of luxurious ingredients like beef tartare, egg yolk, pine nuts, and much more. Because the region has a variety of environments like the rice paddy plains, mountains and seaside, it's a wonderful representation of what people consider Korean. Food from this region has strong flavors with a wonderful balance of sweet, spicy, and salty.


Appetizer: Korean beef patties 떡갈비 Marinated in sesame, soy and garlic; grilled and served with rice cakes

Appetizer: Tot seaweed and tofu salad 톳두부무침 Hijiki seaweed salad with crushed tofu

• Salad: Mustard Japchae 겨자잡채 Chilled potato noodles, bean sprouts and julienned vegetables in mustard and gochujang

Main Course: Jeonju bibimbob with beef tartar 전주비빔밥, Bean sprout soup 콩나물국, and an array of banchan sides + kimchi 반찬, 김치 (Some recipes we are considering for banchan: Scallion kimchi, soy pickled perilla, fried seaweed chips, soy braised bamboo shoots, oyster moo radish kimchi, mung bean cake salad)

Dessert: Yuzu Hwachae 유자화채 Yuzu and Asian pear fruit salad punch, kind of like wonderful non-alcoholic but seasonal sangria
*menu is subject to change