Oysters & Bubbles, An Evening with L. Mawby

Date December 6, 2016, Tuesday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Price: $95
Phone 734.663.3663

In his Wine Report 2005, British wine writer Tom Stevenson honored Larry Mawby with the title “fizzmaster exraordinaire”. Mawby has indeed brought a spark to the North American wine industry since he began to produce his bubbles on Leelanau Peninsula in northern Michigan in 1984.

Because L. Mawby’s vineyard shares the same latitude as Champagne, France, he was able to introduce sparkling wines in the New World with the superior bubbles and rich, abundant flavors reminiscent of Old World wines. His production has exploded like a cork out of a bottle, and he has helped put Michigan on the vintner’s map for sparkling wines.

L. Mawby’s bubbles are favorites from Zingerman’s Roadhouse wine list to pair with Chef Alex Young’s reserve collection of oysters, and we look forward to the selections he will bring to the Roadhouse on December 6th. Chef Alex has prepared a menu for this occasion that will perfectly accompany Mawby’s offerings. Look forward to Apalachicola Oysters, which are considered the world’s finest wild oysters with their clean, mineral flavor. And need we say more with a choice of Oyster Stuffed Skirt Steak or Oyster Stuffed Quail as an entrée? Don’t miss this opportunity to let Mawby’s bubbles tickle your taste buds while you enjoy Chef Alex’s delectable oyster dishes.

Dinner Menu and L. Mawby Selections:

Hang Town Fry Quiche
Oysters with Champagne Sabayon & Caviar
Oyster Shooter
with roasted tomato mignonette
Selected Pairing: Tradition Brut

Wild Oysters from Apalachicola
Selected Pairing: Green

Oyster Stew
with peppered toast
Selected Pairing: Blanc de Blancs

Oyster Stuffed Skirt Steak
a la mode
Oyster Stuffed Quail
with country ham glace
Selected Pairing: Cremant Classic

Framboise Souffle
with espresso
Selected Pairing: Grace Brut Rosé