Spice-ology 101

Date April 13, 2016, Wednesday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: $35
Phone 734.663.3400

Each spring, Montréal's Spice Trekkers, head south to Ann Arbor to pay a visit to Zingerman's, and we are luckier for it. The Spice Trekkers, (Épices de Cru en Français), are a true family operation run by the indefatigable de Viennes, who travel the globe in search of the very best spices they can find. As Ari says, “The de Vienne family will teach you more about spices in 90 minutes that most of us learn in a lifetime.”

Please join us for this very special event as the Spice Trekkers share their expertise about the sources of great spices, how to store, grind, and serve them, and above all, how to use them in your everyday cooking. We'll also sample some light fare featuring their favorites spices in action. Your palate, and your own cooking will never be the same!