Special Event #239: Happy 150th Birthday, Emma Goldman

Date June 27, 2019, Thursday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $75
Phone 734.663.3663

A dinner to honor a legend Ari would love to share a meal with.

On June 27th, we will honor the life and work of anarchist Emma Goldman 150 years after her birth. This special birthday dinner will benefit the University of Michigan Library and the Joseph A. Labadie Collection. That morning, the Library is hosting an Emma Goldman symposium, at which Ari will be one of the speakers.

If you are a lover of anything Zingerman’s, you may be familiar with anarchism. Anarchism is the foundation of the philosophy behind Zingerman’s: creating a business committed to helping everyone it touches! Emma has had a huge impact on how Zingerman’s operates, and we cannot wait to share her story with you at this dinner.

“[Our] goal is the freest possible expression of all the latent powers of the individual . . . [which is] only possible in a state of society where man is free to choose the mode of work, the conditions of work, and the freedom to work. One to whom the making of a table, the building of a house, or the tilling of the soil, is what the painting is to the artist and the discovery to the scientist—the result of inspiration, of intense longing, and deep interest in work as a creative force.” -- Emma Goldman, Anarchism and Other Essays

What's for dinner? We've put together a menu that reflects what we know about Emma's favorite foods, dishes that she'd likely have eaten in her years on the Lower East Side, along with other creative, anarchistic delights! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to find out how one of the most famous anarchists in history influenced a modern-day food business and its unique approach to the world of food and hospitality.

A portion of each ticket in the amount of $25 will be donated to the University of Michigan Library.



Chaser Rye
Toasted and rubbed with bacon fat.


With Blackberry Patch preserves and sour cream.




Farmer’s Chop Suey
Seasonal raw vegetables in a creamy dressing.

Entrée (Family Style):

Potato Latkes
In goose fat.

Kasha Varnishkes
Bowtie pasta and fried buckwheat.

Smoked Meat
With quick-pickled cucumbers and creamed spinach.


Zingerman’s Bakehouse Red Velvet Birthday Cake
With Zingerman’s Creamery gelato.

Menu subject to change.