Special Event #233: Rice and Race, the 14th Annual African American Dinner

Date January 22, 2019, Tuesday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $75
Phone 734.663.3663

The role of rice in African American farming, cooking and culture.

The Roadhouse is very excited to announce one of our most intriguing special event dinners yet—for our 14th annual African American foodways dinner we welcome back the dynamic and thought-provoking writer and speaker Stephen Satterfield!

As co-founder of Nopalize, a website designed to connect people with the origins of their food, and the founder of Whetstone Magazine, led by a team of women and people of color, Stephen connects readers with the diversity and ancestry of food every day. His subject for this year’s very special event is rice–easily taken for granted, but actually fascinating and incredibly full of flavor. Stephen will take us back to the roots of rice cooking in African American culture, and share stories of the great work of a new crop of African American chefs who are bringing rice back into the forefront of culinary trends.

The dinner will feature the incredible heirloom rice of Glenn Roberts and Anson Mills. His grains offer a taste of what enslaved African American might have grown and eaten four centuries ago, and, at the same time, a sample of what’s cooking in the creative new world of African American culinarians.

While we owe the proliferation of rice in our country to the millions of Africans who farmed it in slavery, today there are fewer than 18,000 black farmers in America. Melvin Parson of We the People Growers Association in Ypsilanti is one of these farmers. This dinner will offer a fundraiser to expand WTPGA's non-profit known as We the People Opportunity Center, which offers food and opportunities to the community. We are hoping to help Farmer Parson match a grant from St. Joseph Hospital that will allow him to purchase the land and the resources he needs to continue nurturing the soil in Ypsilanti. Donation options are available in addition to your ticket purchase.

You’re guaranteed to leave inspired to learn more and well fed! And by helping raise money for We the People Opportunity Center, we help the good work being done here, and around the country, to restore the traditions of African American farming.

Can't make it to the dinner? We will miss you, but there are other ways to help We the People Opportunity Center! Check out their Donation Page at wethepeoplegrowersassociation.com for more information.



Shrimp Calas
Rice fritters with benne-peanut sauce, featuring Carolina Gold rice.


Journey Cakes
Made with Carolina Gold rice.


Rice Porridge
With winter vegetables, featuring Polenta de Riso.


Carolina Purloo
A traditional Low Country skillet dish, served with spiced black drum, featuring laurel-aged Carolina Gold rice. (fish may change depending on seasonality).


Rice Pudding
Featuring Carolina Gold rice flour and Nostrale Vialone Nano.

Donation levels for We the People Grower’s Association:

  • $50 Buys seeds and hand tools.
  • $100 Provides irrigation of farm, and maintenance of facilities.
  • $200 Provides bigger farm equipment, such as a tractor.
  • Donate at this level, and a vegetable bed will be named after you.

  • $500 Contributes to the purchase of a pole barn.
  • Donate at this level, and your name will be listed in the barn as a contributor.