In Pursuit of Pepper

Date April 12, 2016, Tuesday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Price: $75
Phone 734.663.3663

Peppercorns could well be said to have changed the world. Economically, politically and culturally, because it was the pursuit of pepper that led Columbus to sail west across the Atlantic. Culinarily because the Columbian Exchange that followed brought tomatoes, potatoes, corn and cacao to the Eastern Hemisphere; cows, goats, and pigs among others went west. And, probably above all, because very few of us sit down to eat a meal that hasn’t been spiced with peppercorns in one way or another.
For this special meal we’ve put together the culinary talents of Roadhouse Chef Alex Young and Philippe de Vienne, master pepper trader for over thirty years. Together they’ve put together a menu that features some of THE finest peppercorns the world has to offer, all right here at the Roadhouse in form of one delicious meal, all personally selected the de Vienne family who have rightly earned their moniker of Spice Traders by traveling the globe and searching for the most remarkable spices anywhere.

Mise en Bouche:
Grilled Issan Chicken
with green pepper and garlic, hot sweet and sour dip

Isekaya-Style Fish Tartare
with sancho pepper, nori and toasted sesame

Entree Choices:
Braised Cornman Farms' Pork Belly
with figs, almonds and sweet and sour Long pepper sauce
Slow Roasted Goat Shoulder
with cubebs, white pepper and lemon grass shallot sauce

Chocolate Voatsiperifery Pot de Crême