Monthly Suckling Pig Party #5 : Thanksgiving!

Date November 12, 2018, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: $40
Phone (734) 275-0099


Miss Kim hosts a monthly Suckling Pig Party - each month features a different theme. We want these monthly suckling pig dinners to be a place for delicious food, family, community, camaraderie, conversation and laughter!

Theme: Thanksgiving Feast!

This is one of Chef Ji Hye's favorite holidays - celebrating thankfulness, bountiful harvests, and cultures coming together! We're putting an Asian flair on Thanksgiving dishes: suckling pig instead of turkey, mashed potatoes with miso butter, brussels sprouts with bacon and kimchi...and so much more! Intrigued?

For this dinner, we'll have whole suckling pigs and plenty of locally-sourced vegetables, condiments, sauces and sides (and a fully stocked bar ready for your order)!

Check out the menu:
• Silky winter squash jook with toasted nuts and squash seed oil
• Roasted Japanese sweet potatoes with garlic butter, celery and sesame
• Brussels sprouts with kimchi and Benton’s bacon
• Soy butter mashed potatoes
• Whole roasted cauliflower with doenjang and seaweed
• Steamed buns instead of rolls
• And of course...Suckling Pig!

• Cranberry and fuji apple gelee
• Baked apple with ginger apple cider syrup and whipped yogurt