Mindful Bread Baking part 1

Date April 1, 2020, Wednesday
Time 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Price: $45

Bread, one of the most basic forms of sustenance that can be so delicious and comforting... And making it yourself in your own kitchen can be so addictive too. That crunchy caramelized, singing crust, moist crumb with irregular holes, aromas wafting from your oven, the anticipation of how it will turn out everytime... Can't beat that. Going beyond your favorite recipe, what if you could dig a little deeper and learn more about the why's of ingredients and processes used to make bread? In Part 1 of the Mindful Baking series, we get curious about our main ingredients with a focus on flour. We are bakers, so we learn about baker's percentages to better understand recipes and communicate with each other. To top it off, we peek inside our favorite countertop stone-mill and pay a visit to our big stone-mill in the Bakehouse.