Keep Calm and Curry On

Date May 2, 2018, Wednesday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: $40
Phone 734.663.3400

Red curry, green curry, yellow curry, Indian curry, West-Indian curry… and the list goes on! Learn about what makes each curry different and taste a variation of dishes that showcase the spice’s blend versatility and flavors. Marika de Vienne, from our favorite spice company in Montreal, Épices de Cru, will describe the ingredients and blending techniques of our favorite curries.
Attendees receive a 20% off coupon to use after the tasting.

Menu Sneak Peek!
*Subject to change
• Trinidad Curry Turkey Salad
• Garlic and Scallion White Curry
• Black Curry Popcorn
• Chettinad Curry Chicken Salad
• Madras Chicken and Potato Curry
• Vegetable Gulai Curry