7 Leadership Lessons from Legendary Sports Coaches, speaker: Jeff Janssen

Date September 25, 2014, Thursday
Time 8:00 am - 9:30 am
Price: $50
Phone 734-930-1919

The ZingTrain Speaker Series is a suite of thought-provoking presentations featuring experts sharing their wisdom on various aspects of the business world.

John Beilein, Michigan Men’s Basketball Coach said "Jeff Janssen’s work with the Michigan Leadership Academy has been tremendous.” We agree! And feel tremendously pleased to be able to offer a session with Jeff Janssen in this season of ZingTrain's Speaker Series. If you are looking to build a Championship Culture in your business and help your team consistently perform to its full potential - this is the session for you!

In this session, Leadership Academy Director Jeff Janssen reveals the seven Leadership Lessons he has learned from consulting with 25 NCAA National Championship teams at top athletic departments including Michigan, Stanford, North Carolina, Arizona, Notre Dame, and many others. Jeff's program is designed for for leaders who want to build a winning team - no matter from which walk of life, or what level of an organization!

COME to this session to :
LEARN the 6 Key Components all Championship Cultures have in common
DISCOVER how to bolster your team’s commitment with the Commitment Continuum™