The 10th Annual Bacon Ball: With Tony Fiasche of Tempesta Market

Date May 30, 2019, Thursday
Time 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $75
Phone 734.663.3663

A whirlwind of fire and flavor takes the Roadhouse by storm!

Brace yourselves for what will be the boldest and tastiest Bacon Ball yet! The Roadhouse can’t wait to welcome Tony Fiasche, 'nduja artisan and co-owner of Tempesta Market in Chicago. Dubbed the “Sausage Kings of Chicago” by Foodable, Tony and his father Agostino continue a tradition of five generations of Calabrian salumi-making. It’s an art that requires as much balance as a proper tarantella.

A dance of flavor and flame, ‘nduja is a spreadable salumi blended from Calabrian sweet and spicy peppers and pork. The Roadhouse has been using it on our menu for well over a year in our mussels, and it’s been a huge hit. We love it because it’s simple and good—the quality of the 100% Berkshire pork really comes through in every bite, along with a taste of family tradition.

For our 10th Annual Bacon Ball, Tony has put together a menu that will spread the love of his famed ‘nduja, and also highlight the award-winning artisan meats he crafts from humanely-raised heritage pigs–including bacon of course! These meats are sold to fans and chefs all over the country by Tony’s deli in Chicago, Tempesta Market.

A deli-owner? At Zingerman’s? We can’t wait. Tempesta in Italian means “strong wind gusts”, and we are ready for blustery flavors whirling through the Roadhouse in May. Join us for a century-old Calabrian legacy, right here in Ann Arbor!



‘Nduja Arancini with Remoulade
Salumi Tasting


Chicories Salad
Bagna cauda, spring veggies, crispy guanciale.


Raviolo Uovo
Jumbo raviolo with an egg yolk nested in ‘nduja and bacon confit, surrounded with herbed ricotta.
Garnished in an emulsion of bacon fat and sabayon.


Porchetta with Lemon-Pork Demi Sauce
Crispy potatoes, rapini with Calabrian pepper, garlic, and pancetta.


Ana’s Tiramisu
A classic preparation of Tony’s mother’s recipe.

*Menu subject to change.

Donation Levels

Did you know that Camp Bacon is a fundraiser for Southern Foodways Alliance? Without them, thousands of stories and recipes of American regional food would be lost. In addition to your ticket purchase, please consider a donation!

  • Bacon Ball Ticket - $75

In addition to your ticket purchase, please consider a donation.

  • Smoked: +$50
  • Cured: +$100
  • Chewy: +$150
  • Crispy: +$200