Summer Pantry Essentials Hosted by Grace Singleton

Date August 22, 2018, Wednesday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Price: $35
Phone 734.663.3400

Do you wish you could be prepared to handle surprise drop-in guests at any time or want some new flavor combinations to experiment with? If you want your foods to have more zing or wonder what you should have in your pantry to add great taste to any dish you make, then this is the tasting for you!

We'll be in the height of the market season for Michigan foods and I'll show you several different simple recipes using local ingredients and my favorite foods to have around "just in case" some friends stop by. We'll taste seasonal dishes that highlight the favorite foods I always keep on hand in my pantry to pair with summer foods.

All tastings include a 20% off coupon to shop at Zingerman's Deli so you can purchase these or other items to take home and experiment.