Suckling Pig Dinner #10: Korean Street Foods

Date May 13, 2019, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $38
Phone (734) 275-0099

Suckling Pig Dinner at Miss Kim Ann Arbor

Miss Kim hosts a monthly Suckling Pig Dinner - each month features a different theme. These monthly suckling pig feasts are a place for delicious food, family, community, camaraderie, conversation, and laughter!

Theme: Korean Street Foods

The streets of Seoul is brimming with people, energy, and street food--every corner populated with various street food vendors, from a small cart with only one menu item to a large tent with an entire kitchen in it. Readily available and very much beloved, they are thriving and nourishing millions of people on the go. Chef Ji Hye is no exception. She has always loved street food. As the best cook in the family, Chef Ji Hye’s mother greatly disapproved of street food, going as far as to call it “delinquent food." Despite her mother’s disapproval, or maybe because of it, Chef Ji Hye has fond memories of sneaking in street food as often as she could as a child. (Oh, there are stories!)

For this suckling pig dinner, we will feature the favorite street food of Korea. Yes, there will be the ever popular tteokbokki, with a more saucy take that’s more ubiquitous. Twigim (fried things!) to dip into that sauce. Rice balls. Steamed buns with sweet red beans. It will be delicious, and a little mischievous, way to be rebels together with some delinquent food. See what's on the menu!


• Roasted suckling pigs

• Saucy Tteokbokki

• Corn and Cheese

• Various twigim (fried vegetables and more!)

• Rice balls and yooboo chobab (rice balls stuffed into fried tofu skin)

• Hand made steamed buns filled with sweet red beans

• Uhmook soup (fish cake and radishes in broth)