Second Annual MissKimJang

Date October 22, 2018, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Price: $75
Phone (734) 275-0099


We’re hosting our second annual MissKimJang.

As old as kimchi, KimJang is an annual Korean tradition where communities come together to make and share massive amounts of Kimchi! We invite you to join us for our very own version - MissKimJang. Chef JiHye Kim will kick off the event by sharing her deep personal and culinary knowledge of kimchi and KimJang. Then she’ll lead you through making your very own batch of Kimchi, community style. This year, you will learn to make your own kkakduki, the ever popular radish kimchi.

We’ll have a strolling dinner laid out for you, so you can eat, mingle and share stories with your kimchi compadres. Our bar will be primed and ready, should you want to buy an original cocktail or beverage to really round out the evening. You’ll head home armed with a jar of freshly made kimchi and the know-how to ferment it to perfection!

Check out the menu:

App: Wild Michigan maitake mushroom tempura with herbaceous tofu dip

Soup: Silken tofu and cilantro broth soup

Salads: Roasted parsnip and carrots with plum syrup, chili flakes and almonds /// Citrus, apples and five spice fennel salad with sesame

Entree: Whole roasted pork belly with crackling, served with brined napa cabbage, steamed cabbage, apple kimchi filling, herbs, peanut ssamjang and lettuce wraps / served with nori butter rice

Dessert: Brioche with chocolate ganache and whipped cream

Join us. We can’t revive this tradition without you - OUR community.