Pie Decorating

Date November 21, 2017, Tuesday
Time 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Price: $125

If you’ve already got the perfect flaky crust and tasty fillings down pat, join us for these dazzling pie decorating techniques! In this hands-on class we’ll show you a few fancy embellishments for your pies: the classic lattice to make a double crusted cooked fruit filling pie, using small cookie cutters to cut out shapes, how to create a braided edge, and a few other simple, yet beautiful designs to decorate the edge of a single crust pie (which will be ready for your use at home). You’ll get lots of hands-on experience making, rolling, and decorating your pies!

You'll leave BAKE! with the knowledge to decorate pies at home, two pies you made in class, and great coupons.