Monthly Suckling Pig Party #4 : Bibimbob!

Date October 8, 2018, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: $40
Phone (734) 275-0099


Miss Kim hosts a monthly Suckling Pig Party - each month features a different theme. We want these monthly suckling pig dinners to be a place for delicious food, family, community, camaraderie, conversation and laughter!

Theme: Build Your Own Bibimbob!

Did you know every region in Korea has its own bibimbob? You can find a different version wherever you go! Bibimbob is made with a bundle of local ingredients - which is why it varies so much and why every area has a different story. Balancing the taste of the varied local ingredients is where the creative fun kicks in.

For this dinner, we'll have whole suckling pigs and plenty of locally-sourced vegetables, condiments, sauces and sides for you to mix and match to make your perfect bowl (and a fully stocked bar ready for your order)!

- Menu -

MAIN: Suckling Pigs!
SOUP: Spicy Leek Soup
SALAD: Celery, Apple + Peanut Salad // Roasted Potato + Cauliflower Salad with Arugula // Roasted Beets + Citrus Salad
RICE: Purple & Sesame
BANCHAN: Bean Sprouts in mustard vinaigrette, Fresh Cucumbers in chili vinaigrette, Steamed Radish in soy
SAUCES: Gochujang, Doenjang, Garlic Scape Soy
And of course, Soft Eggs for all!
DESSERT: Poached Asian Pears

Drink specials all night!

Ready to make a bowl that suits your taste and shows off your creativity? Sign up by hitting that button below!