Introduction to Conflict Management

Date March 22, 2018, Thursday
Time 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Price: $395
Phone 734-930-1919

As difficult as it can be to navigate, conflict in the workplace is an inevitable part of doing business...

Do you have team members not getting along? Is interpersonal conflict disrupting a project, increasing time and cost? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, this exclusive workshop, in partnership with the Dispute Resolution Center, might be just what your business needs!

This workshop will provide time for learning, practice, coaching and feedback. There will be two sessions available for you to choose from on Thursday, March 22nd´╗┐ and the same material will be covered in both:
- A morning session, from 8am-12noon
- An afternoon session, from 1pm-5pm

Come to this 4-hour workshop to:
- Get a better understanding of your function in conflict
- Understand the strategic value of the five conflict management styles presented
- Gain insight into your preferred conflict management style
- Enhance your communication skills during difficult conversations.

Brenda Dulin is the Executive Director of The Dispute Resolution Center, a local community dispute resolution program located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She has been involved in mediation and restorative practice programs for 15 years. She has trained students and adults to be mediators and restorative practice facilitators in schools and in the community.

She has a BS in Business Administration and MA in Dispute Resolution from Wayne State University.