BUDDHIST [VEGAN] DINNER : Celebrating Buddha’s Birthday!

Date May 21, 2018, Monday
Time 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Price: $75
Phone (734) 275-0099

Buddhist Vegan Dinner at Miss Kim

Although it’s unlikely that the Buddha would attend a birthday bash, let alone one in his honor, it is true that Buddha’s birthday is celebrated with much aplomb in many nations across the world.

At Miss Kim, we’re hosting a special dinner in the Buddha’s honor. Featuring the fruits of Chef Ji Hye Kim’s research of ancient cookbooks and her burgeoning love for vegetables, this vegan Buddhist dinner is packed with flavor and philosophy. Foraged flavor, fermented flavor, and the core Buddhist philosophy that when you cook, you must cook with the same care, love, and tenderness as you might for a child.

Join us. Nourish your body, mind, and soul!

Just released!!

Buddhist chips - lotus root, potato and seaweed chips

Pyunsoo - zucchini and shiitake mushroom dumplings
[Donahee Farm]

Spinach and tofu jook
[Goetz Farm]

Spring green and herb salad in perilla oil and sansho pepper
[Seeley Farm, Tantre Farm, Epices de Cru spices]

Buddhist bibimbob with mutlgrain rice, local vegetables and pickled ramp soy sauce
New potatoes, fiddlehead fern and mushrooms in doenjang stew
Sauteed shishito peppers with ginger
Lotus roots with nuts and pepper
Local green fresh kimchi
[Goetz Farm, Seeley Farm, Do Nothing Farm, Lake Divide Farm, Tantre Farm]

Yakgwa - fried dough with cinnamon and ginger
Jeju Black Tea from Epices de Cru